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Preserving and honoring the heritage and traditions of the legacy farmers of Southern Humboldt. 

Upholding the values of sustainable farming with small batch, sun grown, hand crafted premium cannabis.

Life on this organic farm has always been a delicate co-existance between humans and nature. Ever striving to work with the land, where balance is maintained by staying up to date with the latest green technologies and practices while maintaining a hands-on relationship with the earth and our flower

  • Legacy Farms respects our impact on the environment

Far beyond our farm are cold water creeks and streams, giant redwood forests and the Pacific Ocean. This creates habitat for an incredible diverse wildlife in Southern Humboldt. To support our ecosystem, one of the practices we implemented over 10 years ago was to build a rain catchment pond to collect rainwater-today that pond continues to irrigate our fields throughout the grow season. This is just one of many green practices we are proud of. The result is premium, fragrant, clean cannabis with minimal environmental impact.

  • Legacy Farms amazing soil is lab tested annually

To enrich the microbial life and replenish nutrients, we employ every effort to maintain a balanced relationship with the earth.  We continually condition the fields throughout the year and employ organic environmentally safe practices from farm to table.  Our techniques are not only soft on nature but gentle on our plants.  


  • Located in the heart of the famed Emerald Triangle

Legendary techniques of Southern Humboldt's legacy farmers have been slowly passed down to us in the 20 years that we have cultivated the land.  We are a part of a community of consciously minded farmers who continue to grow and share knowledge.

From fruit trees, flowers and vegetables for our family to the amazing strains of premium cannabis, we continue to value diversity and respect the values of our forefathers.  

It is an honor to pass some of this philosophy on to you and future generations. 

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